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Power Flues & Fans Sytems

If you do not have a chimney breast or normal fireplace, a chimney fan/power flue is used to extract smoke and fumes from your home. The Power flue is used to extract the fumes from your appliance through the rear or side to an outside wall. It can also be rooted through the roof, making it the perfect choice if you are short on space and do not have a conventional stack.

Power flue/fan Installation

A fan unit helps draw all the nocuous gasses from your home allowing you to choose any style of fireplace or stove and have it installed in a position that suits you. This is because the chimney fan will ensure optimal draft, irrespective of weather conditions and location.

The electrically powered fan can be placed either vertically or horizontally on an outside wall or roof to suit your requirements. Operated by a wall switch next to the fireplace. When the fan is switched on it will activate a solenoid valve for gas, LPG and oil powered fires and stoves, preventing you from turning your fire or stove on without the fan running. For solid fuel fires you would need to turn the fan on prior to starting the fire.

Flue booster fans help your chimney to work more efficiently ensuring optimal combustion and prevents ash and dust from being drawn back into the room.

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